UK LIVE weather forecast – A mini heatwave is set to sweep across the south of the country from TOMORROW


Warning as ‘thunder fever’ to bring ‘SUPER pollen’ after storm Alex

EX-TROPICAL Storm Alex will bring high winds and thundery showers, along with warm temperatures and high pollen counts, which will trigger warnings for people with hay fever.

Forecasters say the unusually strong winds could reach up to 55 mph.

Airborne allergen expert Max Wiseberg told the Daily Star: ‘With this fine weather, thunderstorms are also expected, and they can cause problems for hay fever sufferers.

“Very high pollen counts are forecast for many parts of England from Thursday, wreaking havoc on the millions of hay fever sufferers in the UK.

“The forecasted thunderstorms will not give respite, as they may instead cause a phenomenon known as ‘thunder fever’.”

Mr Wiseberg, creator of HayMax Allergen Barrier Balm, added: “According to a report in The European Respiratory Review, humidity breaks down pollen grains into smaller allergen particles.

“These new pollen grains turn into a kind of ‘super pollen’, and this appears to be more allergenic than normal pollen, causing more severe reactions in sufferers.

“Storms knock down pollen grains that might otherwise have risen above head height out of harm’s way and whip pollen grains and fungal spores close to the ground.”


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