UK weather forecast: Britain braces for a chilling -10C freeze ahead of snowfall next week


The Met Office has said the UK is set to see temperatures drop to -10C in Scotland in an arctic freeze where it will be freezing cold for the whole country before snow lands next week .

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UK weather: Extremely cold temperatures predicted by the Met Office

Britons are being warned to brace for brutally low temperatures that could drop to -10C as an arctic freeze hits ahead of a week of snowfall.

February has been a cold month so far, particularly for the north of the UK, and it’s going to get colder before there’s a slight respite over the weekend with milder weather, said the Met Office.

The worst temperatures are still expected to be in Scotland from Friday as well as in rural and isolated locations.

Next, WXCharts maps show there should be steady snowfall throughout next week, mostly in Scotland, although some could also land in northern England during.

Up to 20cm of snow could fall in Scotland, heaviest midweek and also the following weekend.

Ahead of that, people will need to warm up on Friday with the Met Office saying temperatures could drop to -10C in Scotland while Netweather maps show minimum temperatures dropping well below freezing across much of the UK .

Met Office senior operational meteorologist Annie Shuttleworth warned temperatures are likely to drop to -10C in “sheltered rural places” across Scotland.

Snow is expected to land all of next week

Rural areas further south towards England, Wales and Northern Ireland could freeze to temperatures as low as -5C, triggering a frosty start to Friday morning.

Ms Shuttleworth told the Express: “Temperatures are expected to drop to -10C in sheltered rural places across Scotland by the morning.

“Rural minutes further south will be widely -2 to -5C in England, Wales and Northern Ireland.

Worst of cold weather set to hit Scotland


Andy Commins/Daily Mirror)

“Cold air across the UK is moving in from the Atlantic coupled with light winds and clear skies for many means it will be a very frosty start to Friday.”

Met Office meteorologist Clare Nasir also painted a chilly Friday.

She said: “The air is getting colder and colder.

“The main weather feature between now and Friday will be cold, with widespread frost and a risk of ice.

There could be up to 20cm of snow in parts of Scotland


Andy Commins/Daily Mirror)

“Thursday to Friday there is a strong wind. A few showers arrive in West Wales and Northern Ireland, and further showers are likely on the northwestern outskirts of Scotland.

“Inland, it’s going to be very cold, very cold.

“In the countryside, temperatures can be as low as -4°C to -10°C in the highlands of Scotland.

“There will be a risk of ice early on, but most areas will get away with a dry, bright morning with some sunshine.”

UK forecast for the next 5 days


Strange early showers, mostly in the north of Scotland, wintry here. Lots of other areas start nice and frosty then keep lots of sun. This, combined with lighter winds, should make it less cold. North West UK darkens, gales and rain later.


The southeastern regions are mostly dry; some sunny spells, maybe a bit of frost. Rain and gales across the North West of the UK are giving way to showers, as the rain sinks into central areas.

On Saturday:

The rain is getting heavier for a while in parts of southern Scotland, north-west England and Wales. Bright intervals and windy showers further north. The south and south-east of England are mostly dry until evening.

Outlook from Sunday to Tuesday:

Unstable; mild with wind and rain on Sunday, although probably wetter for northern Scotland. Colder with sunny spells and showers on Monday, with more rain arriving on Tuesday after a freeze.

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