UK weather forecast: Britons will bask in 28C next month with the heat finally on the way


The Met Office issued yellow weather warnings for the wind today, but by next month the UK could enjoy warm temperatures of up to 28C, forecasters say.

New Brighton, Wirral, during last summer’s heatwave in July

Warm weather will see up to 28C in the UK next month after the Met Office warned of more wind and rain today.

Meteorologist Jim Dale told the Express that Britons can expect warm weather to arrive “fairly early” this year.

April temperatures in the UK typically hit a daily high of around 12C and a low of 4C – but this year’s high could reach 28C, reports the Daily Star.

The forecaster said such temperature spikes are increasingly likely due to global warming.

He said: “I think the warm weather could come quite early in terms of April maybe.

The Met Office warns of more wind and rain today


Met Office)

“I know March is the start of spring, but I think we’ll probably get into April properly before we start seeing scorching temperatures.

“I wouldn’t be surprised to see 26C, 27C, 28C in mid-April.”

Dale added: “Longer term, given what’s happening globally in terms of temperature profiles in the Southern Hemisphere and what’s also happening in the United States, I wouldn’t be surprised if we were starting to see big highlights – whichever way it goes, cold or hot.

“We are more likely to see these heat spikes at an earlier stage because of global warming.

“It’s too hard to be certain right now, but I wouldn’t be surprised to see the summer sometimes produce the same kind of heat stress.”

It comes as the Met Office issued yellow weather warnings for strong winds on Sunday.

People enjoy the sunshine in St James’s Park in London



Gusts are expected to move up the Irish Sea and winds could reach 50-60mph along coastal areas.

These are expected to move north throughout Sunday.

There is a small chance of winds exceeding 60 mph, possibly reaching strong gales along more exposed coastal regions with winds reaching 65 mph.

This can lead to poor coastal conditions and transport disruptions.

The UK suffocated during last summer’s heatwave



United Kingdom 5 day weather forecast


Band of rain continuing north and east, becoming slow moving later in parts of eastern and south-eastern England.

Sun and showers, heavy in places with hail and thunder, follow one another in the western regions.

Gales in western sections easing during the afternoon.

This evening:

Rain in the eastern clearing.

Showers near the southern coasts, otherwise sunny spells inland allowing the formation of frost and scattered fog.

Cloudier further north with outbreaks of rain in the northwest.


Outbreaks of rain in the northwest moving east into northern areas and becoming more showery.

Sunny periods further south, with some heavy showers developing.

Outlook from Tuesday to Thursday:

Rain in the far northwest on Tuesday will spread to many areas on Wednesday, before dissipating to leave largely dry, beautiful and sunny conditions by Thursday.

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