UK weather forecast: Charts turn red as 28C ‘mini heatwave’ hits | United Kingdom | News


The latest weather forecast suggests the UK is ahead of a fairly average if not cooler than usual week of weather. But, from Sunday, temperatures will hit 20 degrees across much of Britain.

Before the warmer weather arrives, the highest temperatures will be around 20 degrees.

These are expected to reach 22C or 23C in the southeast today, May 9, according to the BBC.

However, it will be much cooler in the west.

Parts of Scotland and Northern Ireland could also see rain.

This trend will continue tomorrow, with the latest Weather report for the coming week suggesting parts of the West of the UK could even see rain and thunder.

The weather will remain windier and more unstable as the week progresses.

Temperatures should remain fairly average for the season.

The weekend will bring changes to this pattern, including higher temperatures.

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Jim Dale of the UK Met Services offered an even more optimistic report.

He told that the UK is set to experience (from Sunday) a “mini heat wave”.

Mr Dale said the surge was expected to last “five to six days”.

He added: “The southeast can reach 28C at the top.”

UK weather maps also show that most of the UK will be unaffected by rain as warmer temperatures drop.

There are no Met Office weather warnings for the coming week.

This is unlikely to change given the increasingly stable conditions.


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