UK weather forecast LIVE – Britain will be LASHED by heavy rain and thunderstorms as the Met Office warns of a ‘DRAMATIC week’


Where is this heat? It’s June…

Although sunny spells can break through the showers, the UK will be wet all week after the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee highs.

The Met Office has predicted “unsettled” weather from Wednesday, the wettest day of the week, with the risk of heavy rain and wind in the North.

But from Friday, expect heavy thundery showers, with strong winds or gales to the north and west.

There’s even a flood alert for Bourne Brook in Tamworth, where heavy rain has caused the water level to rise at the River Hints gauge.

Met Office forecaster Steven Keates told the Mirror: “Over the next few days the weather will be unsettled, changeable and perhaps unremarkable for the most part, a little disappointing for the second week of June.

“Showers are expected to hit parts of England to start the week, with the worst on Wednesday, before a more dramatic weekend as strong gales arrive.

“From the middle of the week a new low pressure front will begin to push in from the south west bringing a mix of rain and thunderstorms to Northern Ireland and northern England.

“Wednesday will be the wettest day of the week, but parts of Scotland and parts of southern England are expected to remain dry.

“However, the week of lovely weather in Scotland will start to wind down, as the vigorous low pressure front moves north from Thursday, with strong gales expected in western areas.”


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