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Climate change causes early blooming of daffodils

Daffodils are blooming early due to climate change, and some are already in bloom, experts say.

Most varieties come out in early March and bright yellow plants have always been synonymous with the arrival of spring. Some daffodils have already been seen blooming in parts of the Southeast, with the company saying that if planted in the ground and not in pots, January is extremely early for most.

The Daffodil Society was established in 1898 as a specialist society in Great Britain for anyone interested in the genus Narcissus.

A spokeswoman said: “There are reports in recent years that they are flowering earlier.”

Although the UK is currently in the throes of a cold spell, trends show that the UK is warming up. According to the MET Office, the provisional average temperature in the UK in December was 5.3C, 1.1C above the long-term average from 1991-2020.

An RHS spokeswoman said: In cold weather it’s natural for them to slow down, but we haven’t had a lot of cold temperatures so they are still growing.

“When it’s hot they grow very fast, they also like lots of running water which helps the bulb to develop.”

Daffodils should be planted in late September and October and they like cool, cold conditions.


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