UK weather forecast: Searing 18C could bring hottest day of the year


The UK is set for balmy conditions reaching 18C on Friday as a high pressure system moves in from the mainland after a chilly Thursday where a -4C freeze is expected

UK could have its hottest day of the year

Britons face a frosty start to Thursday where temperatures could drop to -4C before the mercury rises and it could hit a balmy 18C before a warm and sunny weekend.

A large high pressure system will cause temperatures to soar on Friday, but before that people are likely to wake up to a freezing start on Thursday.

The weather for the rest of March remains changeable, with the UK set to experience the highest temperatures of the year so far, hitting 18C on Friday, but then there is a shaky outlook for next week .

BBC Weather on Thursday said it could drop to -4C in Scotland and will be cold with wind and rain for much of the day in the north while further south south, there will be warmer weather and sunshine.

Met Office forecaster Clare Nasir said: “For the Western Isles and Northern Ireland, clouds will thicken here with a few rain showers in the early hours of the morning and a strengthening wind.

Temperatures could climb to 18C this week

“Elsewhere a fairly widespread frost leading to a cold start to the day will come on Thursday morning but for many it will be fine with some sunshine. This is not the case across the whole of West Scotland, you can see heavy gusts of rain, snow above 600m or 700m. This rain is spreading towards Northern Ireland.”

Ms Nasir said it was likely to be “really hot” this weekend.

“Temperatures are on the rise over the next few days, you can see here most places will be nice and dry with beautiful sunshine,” she continued.

“Over the weekend high pressure reaching Denmark will allow stable conditions to spread across the UK, but stronger winds on Saturday certainly, gusting over hills and moorland as well as mountains, but with a southerly wind, it will be very hot. through some parts I would say in particular the Moray Firth where we could see an 18C.

It should be sunny and warm this weekend.


Echo of Liverpool)

“Generally, the weekend looks nice and dry, much warmer with some sunshine.”

The Met Office said the hottest day so far in 2022 was 17.2C in Pershore, Worcestershire.

And forecaster Dan Stroud agreed it could get hotter than that over the next few days.

“We are likely to see very pleasant spring sunshine, particularly for the London and South East region, during the day on Saturday,” he said, The Sun reported.

“We’re looking at temperatures up to 16, 17 and maybe even a rounded 18C could be possible.”

UK forecast for the next 5 days

Mainly dry in the south and east, unstable elsewhere.


Sunny spells for many, especially in the south and east, with southern England enjoying the best of the sun. Also a few rain showers over parts of Scotland, Northern Ireland, North West England and later Wales. Windy to the north.

This evening:

Mostly cloudy in parts of England and Wales, with patches of fog forming over parts of Wales and the Midlands in particular later on. Clearer further north with a few showers and frost.


A cold start with early patches of fog over England and Wales which soon dissipate leaving a fine day with plenty of pleasantly warm sunshine for the most part. Getting windier in the north

Outlook from Saturday to Monday:

Mostly sedentary, dry and sunny, with some early frosts and patches of mist/fog but warm during the day. Showers and patches of rain moving erratically north on Sunday and Monday, easing temperatures somewhat.

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