UK Weather Forecast: We’ve had Storms Eunice and Franklin…now it’s Thundersnow on Thursday!


Britons have been warned to prepare for more weather misery after recent storms: the storm is on its way today.

The Met Office has issued a yellow snow and lightning warning across much of Scotland and Northern Ireland.

The blizzard warning is in place until 8pm tonight and comes as thousands of people are still recovering from the effects of storms Dudley, Eunice and Franklin.

Heavy snow showers are forecast, bringing a possibility of 10 to 20 cm of snow in high areas, along with “very gusty” winds and a chance of frequent lightning.

Schools were forced to close in the Highlands on Thursday due to bad weather. Up to 20 cm of snow was expected in high areas

The Met Office has also warned of longer journey times or cancellations as roads and other routes could be cut. Rural areas could be particularly affected, he said.

Police Scotland tweeted: ‘Warnings are in place for much of the day. Please be prepared and drive within the conditions if you are traveling.

He added that there was a small risk of life-threatening lightning.

The warning read: ‘Showers will be accompanied by strong, gusty winds, with gusts of 45-55mph possible and a chance of 65mph on the coasts. Blizzard conditions are likely on higher ground.

“There is a small chance that some of the showers will be accompanied by frequent lightning, which could impact power supplies, including in some places outside the warning zone.

Police Scotland have urged people to travel with caution, telling drivers to drive at the appropriate speed for road conditions. The Met Office said there was a risk of transport being affected by weather conditions

“Snow showers are increasingly likely to revert to rain and ice pellets at low levels later Thursday morning and early afternoon, although they will remain as snow above 200 300m away.”

It comes amid worrying scenes across the country that saw flood defenses breached following weekend storms.

In Wribbenhall, Worcestershire, a life-threatening warning is still in place as the River Severn continues to overflow after a week of heavy rain.

Search and rescue teams were checking properties and talking to residents on Wednesday as water levels continued to rise. The River Severn peaked, but levels are expected to remain high.

The Environment Agency said flooding is expected to continue.


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