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Tropical Storm Ma-On, northeast of the Philippines, about 1,635 kilometers (km) from Brunei and Tropical Storm Tokage, southeast of Japan, about 4,631 km from the Sultanate, are observed yesterday at 11 hours, according to a press release from Brunei Darussalam Meteorological Department (BDMD).

Tropical Storm Ma-On is forecast to move northwest while Tropical Storm Tokage is forecast to move northeast, and both tropical storms are forecast to move away from Brunei.

Tropical Storm Tokage will not affect Brunei’s climate.

Tropical Storm Ma-On will indirectly cause unstable weather conditions this week, especially today and tomorrow. Occasional showers or thunderstorms are expected to pass through land and sea areas, especially at night until the early morning.

The showers can sometimes be heavy and gusty and the wind speed can increase up to 45 km/h.

In Brunei waters, the sea state is generally low, between 0.4 and 0.8 meters.

The public is urged to take precautionary measures.

A risk of flash flooding, especially in low-lying and flood-prone areas as well as near the river banks during heavy rains and also at high tide, is expected. Risks of landslides and falling trees are also possible during heavy showers and gusts.

The public, road users and anglers are urged to stay informed of weather forecasts, advisories and warnings issued by the BDMD and to take action to ensure safety. The agency will continue to monitor weather conditions and issue weather advisories or warnings as necessary.

The latest weather information, advisories and warnings can be accessed through the Brunei WX mobile app. For more information, the public can contact the weather forecaster on duty via weather line 114, visit www.met.gov.bn or follow @bruneiweather on Facebook and Instagram (@bruneiweather).


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