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RUAG area got a contract from Aeronautical balloon provide navigation receiver for Weather System Tracking – Microwave (WSF-M)a new generation defense department (DoD) operational environmental satellite system. Ball is the prime contractor for WSF-M, which will tackle critical space issues environmental monitoring (SBEM) conditions.

Weather System Tracking – Microwave (WSF-M), a Department of Defense (DoD) next-generation operational environmental satellite system. Artistic interpretation courtesy of Ball Aerospace.

This contract includes the production, testing and delivery of a LEORIX Global Positioning System Navigation Receiver. RUAG Space GNSS receivers have been working with LEO applications for over 15 years.

LEORIX navigation receiver from RAUG Space.

In 2019, RUAG Space started to focus on the US electronics market to reach a target segment that was previously difficult to reach from Europe. RUAG Space now has a Denver-based electronics team that includes engineering and project management to meet US requirements.

For the entire e-wallet – from on-board computers to navigation receivers to antennas etc. – RUAG Space now offers a direct technical interface and customer service for US customers. This formula allows RUAG Space to use its global team of experts and creates a global win-win situation for all customers.

Accurate Environmental Intelligence DoD weather satellites provide accurate and actionable environmental intelligence data that supports US military operations. The WSF-M mission is designed to specifically address three critical gaps in SBEM: ocean surface vector winds, tropical cyclone intensity, and characterization of LEO energetic charged particles, a gap in space weather.

The navigation receiver will be built in Vienna, Austria, and is expected to be delivered to Ball in September 2021.

Our Low Earth Orbit navigation receivers are the most accurate receivers on the market,” noted Luis by Léon Chardel, Acting Executive Vice President, RUAG Space. “They can determine the position of an orbiting satellite with an accuracy of less than one meter.”

Understanding weather and environmental conditions is key to protecting warfighters and enabling military operations,” noted Allison Barto, WSF-M Program Manager, National Defense, Ball Aerospace. “When executing mission critical programs like WSF-M, we look forward to highly collaborative work with our partners, vendors and customers to ensure mission success..”

This contract is a landmark order for the US electronics initiative and opens a pipeline for similar orders this year,” noted Anders LinderSenior Vice President Electronics at RUAG Space.


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