Weather Forecast | First wet race of 2022 already in Australia?


The Australian Grand Prix is ​​usually held in glorious sunshine, but that could be different in 2022. According to the chance of rain during the race on Sunday is very high.

This coming weekend, the Formula 1 circus can be admired in Australia where the third race of the Formula 1 season will take place at Albert Park. After the evening races in Bahrain and Saudi Arabia, the Melbourne race will take place in the afternoon (local time). However, the sun should not be counted on for Sunday.

Rain in Melbourne

It will already be partly cloudy in Melbourne on Friday, with a 14% chance of rain. Then there is also little wind and it should be around 23 degrees in the afternoon. On Saturday, the temperature rises to 26 degrees, there is also a little more wind, but there is still only a ten percent chance of rain.

On Sunday, however, a lesser period begins for Melbourne, as it is the first of three days that rain is expected. It’s still 25 degrees in the afternoon, but the wind is picking up and there’s a 43% chance of rain. Whether the rain actually falls during the race, which starts at 5am UK time, remains to be seen.

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