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October started off cool as a ghoul, but seems to be ending warmer than normal as we enter Halloween week.

Boston started with cooler weather until October 5, then a warmer that started on October 7. Although there will be a few slightly below average days between now and the end of the week, overall most of the month has been slightly above average.

With signals pointing to a ridge building across the US from October 25-31, the pattern would support warmer than normal temperatures for the last week of the month. That’s not to say every day is above average, but the week will likely be above the norm. And while not completely dry, signs point to near-normal precipitation. If you count October 25-31, “normal” would be just under an inch of rain.

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The standard for Halloween itself holds a high temperature of 51 degrees. Boston’s hottest Halloween day was in 1946 at 81 degrees! That was enough to scare most witches and wizards out of their box fans. On the opposite end of the spectrum, the snowiest Halloween day was 1913 with only a trace amount of snowfall. In 2020, Halloween had snow on the ground starting with over 4 inches of snow the day before Halloween. Below is the archived surface map for that day, from the Weather Prediction Center. A surface low just off the coast produced early season snow in October.

graph showing Halloween weather records

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Other spooky stats for Halloween Day:
Coldest Halloween day -28 degrees in 2020
Wettest Halloween Day – 2.54″ of rain in 1939
Average Temperature for Halloween Day — High: 51 degrees, Low: 43 degrees



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