Weather forecast for Nottingham as sleet is expected later this week


The sunny spell in Nottingham is set to come to an abrupt end as sleet is expected to fall later this week. BBC Weather expects change to come and temperatures to drop as the end of the month approaches.

On Tuesday March 29 in Nottingham, forecasters predict there will be light clouds and a gentle breeze for most of the day. Temperatures are expected to peak at around 10C with the weather remaining overcast for most of the day – the sun is expected to make a brief appearance around 7pm.

It should, however, remain dry, according to experts. This will not be the case on Wednesday March 29, however, the day should bring sleet and a gentle breeze. That’s a far cry from the high temperatures and sunshine seen in the city this weekend. Temperatures should peak at 5°C but can drop to -1°C.

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According to experts, the snow could even reach the south of the country, especially at higher levels on Thursday and there will be frosts overnight. BBC forecaster Darren Bett told the Mirror Online: “There are big changes in the weather pattern underway, but not yet.

“Temperatures in rural areas won’t be far from freezing. In this week though and that’s where we’re seeing some big changes, not least because we’re going to start to see a northerly wind coming down and that will really lower As the top recedes early next week we are lucky to see some rain and then that north wind comes in, it will be much colder in the day and also at night.

Northerly winds will bring cold air to the UK during the week, with the Met Office forecast for Wales on Wednesday indicating that outbreaks of rain could possibly mix with sleet and snow on the hills . The Forecast Service’s forecast for Thursday to Saturday reads: “Much colder than recently with overnight frosts and a mix of sunny/clear spells and showers, these falling as a mix of rain, sleet, hail and possibly snow at times.”

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