Weather forecast for Portland, Oregon for Sunday, February 27, 2022


Details for Sunday, February 27, 2022

PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) – We’re nearing the end of the month and showers are rolling in as we wrap up the last weekend of February.

Expect warmer temperatures in the morning, especially compared to the past five. The diary shows the temperature from 7 a.m. to 46 degrees, by lunchtime it looks like it’s in the mid-50s. The southeasterly wind building up around Portland on Sunday will push about 10 mph. It will be a mix of light rain (morning), showers (afternoon) and rain (evening). Expect dry spells, especially in the afternoon. We can’t rule out a sun break, and with a little more sunshine, we might get some rainbows.

Browse the graphs below to get an idea of ​​where and when the rain moves through your neighborhood.

It should be noted that the morning hours around Parkdale, stretching east to the Dalles, can face wintry weather. A winter weather advisory is in place until 10 a.m.. Temperatures will rise in the afternoon, reaching the upper 40s. The Futurecast also maintains the wet forecast after sunset.

Warmer air will take over on Monday, which means Sunday evening temperatures will not drop much. It will be an atmospheric river that will bring steady rain for the Pacific Northwest.

Sunday may be one of our wettest days this month with rain totals expected to be closer to a quarter inch. Weather models project more rain north of Marion County, with the highest totals along the Oregon Coast. Weather models are projecting more than a quarter inch for Portland, but that will depend on passing showers.

These haven’t been very helpful this month, so we’ll rely on the lower end of the rain totals for now. Sunday evening may be enough to increase the totals a little more. Don’t leave the house without a raincoat.


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