Weather forecast for San Angelo November 2 Winds


Slightly above average temperatures for the area, but still great conditions as you head out into the Concho Valley. Windy conditions will begin to pick up today in the south at 10-15 mph. Afternoon highs are reaching the upper 70s for the region and cooling to the upper 60s for overnight lows tonight.

Windy conditions strengthen tomorrow, still out of the south but reaching 15-25 mph with gusts up to 30 mph. We will also see increased cloud cover in the area. Temperatures rise slightly, reaching the lower 80s for afternoon highs. The chance of rain tomorrow night increases to 20%. Overnight lows will fall in the mid-60s.

Windy conditions and a chance of rain continue Friday morning and afternoon with southerly winds at 15-20 mph and gusts up to 30 mph, and a chance of rain sitting at 30%. We will see an afternoon high in the mid 70’s. Our overnight lows will fall in the mid 40’s and windy conditions will shift from the west at 15-20 mph, decreasing to 10-15 mph as we enter the night with gusts up to 30 mph.

For the start of our weekend forecast, we will see drier conditions in the region and winds will decrease to 10-15 mph with highs remaining in the mid 70s for the Concho Valley. We will see overnight lows drop into the upper 40s.

For Sunday, we will see an increase in our temperatures, with our afternoon highs in the lower 80s. We are getting slightly windy again with southwesterly winds at 10-15 mph gusting up to 25 mph. Cooling into the lower 50s for overnight lows.


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