Weather forecast for Sunday in Greater Manchester as we face dark skies


While the start of the weekend saw Greater Manchester enjoying plenty of sunshine and warm temperatures, that unfortunately won’t continue on Sunday.

Today will see a noticeable absence of sunshine with an increase in dark clouds covering the sky for most of the afternoon and evening. Temperatures will also be noticeably lower throughout the day compared to yesterday and the rest of the week.

According to the Met Office: “A cloudy and wet morning for many, although the rain is expected to be mostly light. It will become drier this afternoon as the rain clears to the south, but it will remain cloudy and cool with a few spots persistent rain. Maximum temperature 13°C.”

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Heading into the evening: “Any lingering raindrops should die off this evening, leaving us with a dry but mostly cloudy night with only a few sunny spells and some patches of mist and fog. Low temperature 5°C.”

Although there may be light patches of rain today, it should mostly stay dry. To make sure you’re ready for today’s weather, he’s put together the hour-by-hour weather forecast for Manchester for your convenience.

The hour-by-hour weather forecast for Sunday for Manchester

9am – Covered 9C

10am – Covered 10C

11am – Cloudy 10C

12 p.m. – Covered 11C

1pm – Covered 11C

2 p.m. – Overcast 12C

3pm – Cloudy 12C

4pm – Cloudy 13C

5pm – Overcast 13C

6 p.m. – Overcast 13C

7 p.m. – Covered 13C

8pm – Covered 13C

9pm – Cloudy 12C

10pm – Cloudy 12C

11pm – Cloudy 12C


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