Weather forecast for the Spanish F1 Grand Prix


After five Grands Prix across different time zones and conditions to start this season, the real start of the European F1 campaign begins in earnest this weekend at Barcelona’s Circuit de Catalunya.

The Emilia-Romagna GP at Imola in April may have been the first race in Europe, but for all teams the Spanish GP is where they get a real feel for the season and what their cars can accomplish.

Unlike Imola, where F1 was treated to wet and cold weather, and certainly in stark contrast to pre-season testing earlier this year in Barcelona where temperatures were between low to mid degrees Celsius, the race from this weekend promises to be glorious. sun.

Many forecasts have barely a cloud in sight for all three days and with temperatures set at a very comfortable high of 23-24 degrees.

These are ideal conditions for all teams, drivers and cars, many of which should benefit from considerable improvements, as is the norm when F1 returns to this track.

Weather forecast for the Spanish Grand Prix

Friday: Sunny with a gentle breeze of only about five miles an hour and only a 1-5% chance of rain. Humidity is set at 60% mid-afternoon and 80 mid-morning. The temperature will be around 21 degrees Celsius for FP1 and 23 for FP2.

Saturday: A very similar outlook to Friday, with wind speed expected to increase slightly to 8-10 miles per hour, with odd gusts of around 16 mph. The temperature can go up a degree up to 24 for qualifying, while the humidity will be in the mid-60s for this session.

Sunday: Another great day for the race, with temperatures again set at 24 and with the chance of rain a very low five percent. Gentle breezes will prevail, gusting to 15 mph, while humidity is set for the low 60s.


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