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This week the weather in Latvia will be unstable. Rain is expected from time to time. At the beginning of the week, thunderstorms and heavy rains will fall on the eastern regions of Latvia. The air temperature will also drop, making the days and nights much cooler than they have been in recent weeks, according to the Latvian Center for Environment, Geology and Meteorology.

On Monday, July 4, the sky in Latvia will be cloudy with some clear skies. Rain is expected in the morning. Thunder clouds with heavy rain will appear in the east of the country around afternoon. The wind speed will be slow, but will become strong during a storm.

The daytime air temperature will reach +22° C… +27° C.

Tuesday, the weather will remain rather cloudy. The weather will remain rainy overnight in the northeastern parts of the country. The possibility of thunderstorms also remains. Precipitation will subside during the day – only a few rains are expected locally. The wind will be slow to moderate and blow from the southwest and west. Like Monday, the night air temperature on Tuesday will remain at +13° C… +17° C. In general, the daytime air temperature in most parts of Latvia will reach +20° C… +25° C .

On Wednesday, clouds will cover most of the sky. Nevertheless, the sun will shine from time to time.

Short-term rain is also expected. In the eastern regions, the rain will prove to be long-lasting.

The wind will blow from the southwest and west. The air temperature will continue to drop gradually. At night, the air temperature will drop to +12° C… +17° C. During the day, the air temperature will reach +17° C… +21° C.

Thursday is expected to be partly cloudy, while Friday the amount of cloud will begin to increase. While on Thursday short-term rains are expected, on Friday precipitation will cover larger areas. At night, the air temperature will drop to +11° C… +16° C, while during the day the air temperature will remain between +17° C… +20° C.

According to the current forecast, more rain will come on Saturday and Sunday. The air temperature will remain lower than that observed so far: +11° C… +16° C at night and no more than +21° C during the day.


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