Weather in Peterborough today: The Met Office predicts frost followed by ‘hazy sunshine’


Peterborough’s cold spell will continue this morning (Sunday April 10) as the Met Office predicts a ‘cold and frosty start’ to the day. But there is sunshine to be expected in the afternoon and temperatures finally hitting the double digits.

Between 5 a.m. and 7 a.m., the temperature will only be 1°C and at 9 a.m. it will only have risen to 3°C. So if you leave early be prepared for frost.

But on the bright side, the Met Office says the weather is expected to remain dry all day. Although the weather is cloudy, there is only a 5% chance of rain.

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And there will even be sunny spells throughout the day. The expected temperature will be around 10-11°C in the morning and early afternoon followed by a time of 12°C between 3pm and 6pm.

The Met Office says: “A cold, frosty start, then a dry, bright morning with long sunny spells and light winds. More cloudy in the afternoon with some hazy sunshine but still dry. Maximum temperature of 13°C.

The evening will also be cool and dry, generally between around 10 and 11°C. On Monday, the Met Office says Peterborough can expect stronger winds followed by rain on Tuesday and Wednesday – so luckily we get the best of it at the weekend.


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