Weather Today: Forecast for Thursday, February 10


We carry on for him North from the province of Buenos Aires, which also started the day with clear skies and a temperature of 18ºC. For Thursday, the sky is expected to continue to be clear to somewhat cloudy. The humidity is 70% and the day continues without risk of rain. The highs expected in this region will reach 33 ºC during the afternoon, an increase in temperature compared to the previous days.

the central area of ​​the province of Buenos Aires The morning started with a clear sky, some towns have fog that is dissipating. The SMN reports fine weather for the remainder of the day, with mostly cloudy skies. During the first hours the temperature registers 1ºC, increasing, maximum of 32ºC towards the afternoon. Isolated thunderstorms could occur tonight.

the Buenos Aires coast The morning began with fog in some towns. The SMN reports fine weather for the rest of the day, with partly to partly cloudy skies. The temperature for today is higher than previous days, a minimum of 16ºC, increasing towards the afternoon, the maximum is 30ºC.

Finally, for the South from the province of Buenos Aires, this February 10 the SMN informs that it rose with a cloudy sky. In turn, the entity predicts a day of bad weather, with an alert for thunderstorms and isolated rains throughout the day. The temperature drops compared to the previous days, a minimum of 17ºC and a maximum of 29ºC.


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