Weather today: Northern California will receive more scattered rain


A low pressure cut-off area keeps the chance of rain in the forecast for the next few days.

SACRAMENTO, Calif. – Northern California will receive periods of rain over the next few days from a system lurking offshore. This system is an area of ​​low pressure cut off from the jet stream. When this happens, storms tend to come in waves with periods of heavy rain, as well as long periods of dry and even sunny weather.

This minimum low will be in the area until the middle of the week with a chance of intermittent rain expected Monday through Wednesday morning.

During the day you can expect dry spells followed by bands of showers and even thunderstorms later in the day. Brief heavy rains will be drowned in thunderstorms with lighting and small sleet possible. Periods of drying will also occur during the day and evening.

A half inch of rain is generally expected when you add up the various showers, but some areas will receive over an inch of rain if heavy bands lock over an area.

Air quality has improved significantly in areas like Reno and Truckee, with rain washing away much of the dense smoke. Mosquito fire growth has slowed with the rain and greater containment is expected during this period of lighter winds, rain and higher humidity.

Tuesday will see more scattered showers as well as Wednesday morning. Clearing begins Wednesday evening with dry, warmer weather Thursday through the weekend in the 80s.

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