What about the weird rainfall in July? The weather promises more


The Bay Area’s unusually drizzly weather is expected to continue through the weekend and could develop into isolated thunderstorms late Sunday through Monday, according to the National Weather Service.

The thunderstorms are expected to primarily affect southern parts of the Bay Area and the central coast, according to Roger Gass, a meteorologist with the weather agency. Heavy local rain is possible.

While the overall risk is minor, the main concern with thunderstorms is the potential for lightning strikes, Gass said, which could start wildfires. Moisture in the air should mitigate that risk, but there’s no guarantee of enough rain to completely allay fire concerns, he noted.

On Twitterthe weather agency urged people to stay “in the know about the weather” and to remember “If thunder rolls, come inside!”

Meanwhile, the rest of the Bay Area is expected to continue to see drizzly weather Saturday evening through Sunday, adding to a string of unusually wet days in July, which is typically the Bay Area’s driest month. the bay, according to the weather service.

Half Moon Bay, for example, is experiencing its wettest July since 1975, with nearly half an inch of total rain for the month. according to the weather service. San Francisco is also on track for its wettest July since 1975 – on Friday, downtown’s total rain for the month was 0.09 inches, tied with the number for July 2015. One-tenth inch more will make it the wettest July in nearly five decades.

Jeff Lorber, another Meteorological Service meteorologist, said the amount of moisture in the air on Saturday was “pretty impressive for this time of year.”

But after Monday, more “seasonal weather patterns will prevail,” Gass said. This means low clouds in the morning and at night giving way to sunny conditions in the afternoon, with temperatures close to seasonal averages – 60 and 70 near the coast with 80 and 90 in the interior.

Danielle Echeverria is a staff writer for the San Francisco Chronicle. Email: [email protected]: @DanielleEchev


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