NFL weather today: Breaking down the Week 1 forecast, what the report means for fantasy football rosters, betting


In the Week 1 weather report, we’ll go over the games that seem to have the strongest predicted wind gusts, possible precipitation, and more. We will also give you the games where we should not you have to worry about the weather, that is, games you can choose in DFS without having an ulcer. Useful weather resources include the National Weather Service and Dark Sky, among others.

We have a lot of rain, but the wind speed is relatively low for the majority of matches. It will be worth checking here again on Sunday morning to see if the forecast has turned south for any of these games. The only game we really have to watch out for is Chicago.

San Francisco 49ers vs. Chicago Bears

And a little more rain in Chicago. There is a 70% chance of showers with winds up to 25 mph. The temperature will be around 70 degrees, which should be pleasant if the rain is not constant. The question is, will they play in the middle of a flood? It’s hard to know right now.

Baltimore Ravens vs. New York Jets

It will be a great day for Joe Flacco and Lamar Jackson to reunite. The temperature will be around 80 degrees, light winds around 5 mph and no precipitation.

Pittsburgh Steelers vs Cincinnati Bengals

Right now there is an 80% chance of rain with temps in the mid 70s. Wind shouldn’t be a problem with forecasts calling for speeds of around 5 mph. This will be a game to check on Sunday morning as a prolonged downpour could hurt forwards, but a few rain showers wouldn’t cause much trouble.

Cleveland Browns vs. Carolina Panthers

More rain in Charlotte, with a 70% chance, but winds will be light at around 5 mph. Temperatures will hover around 90 degrees for this Baker Mayfield grudge match.

Indianapolis Colts vs. Houston Texans

Temperatures around 90 degrees, winds of 5 mph and a slight chance of rain in the forecast for Matt Ryan’s Colts debut.

Jacksonville Jaguars at Washington Commanders

Temperatures will be in the mid-70s, with a 55% chance of rain. The good news is that the winds should be calm, around 5 mph.

New England Patriots vs. Miami Dolphins

It’s Miami in the fall, so rain is always a possibility. Right now they’re predicting a 50% chance, with temperatures hovering around 90 degrees and winds at 8 mph. Rain should be scattered enough not to be an issue, but check Sunday for any updates.

Las Vegas Raiders vs. Los Angeles Chargers

There is actually a slight chance of showers, but at 25% they will not be sustained if they appear. Temperature will be in the 80’s and winds around 10 mph.

New York Giants vs. Tennessee Titans

And we have another good chance of rain in Nashville, with an 80% chance of thunderstorms. Temperatures will be in the low 80s and the wind varying between 5 and 10 mph.

Denver Broncos vs. Seattle Seahawks

Seattle will host Russell Wilson again in good weather. Temperatures will be in the low 70s, wind around 8 mph and clear skies.

home sweet dome

New Orleans Saints vs. Atlanta Falcons

Philadelphia Eagles vs. Detroit Lions

Green Bay Packers vs. Minnesota Vikings

Kansas City Chiefs vs. Arizona Cardinals

Tampa Bay Buccaneers vs. Dallas Cowboys


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